Dog Day Care Facilities

What we have and how we use it for your furry friends

All about our Dog Day Care Centre

We had been looking to expand into larger premises for a considerable time before the opportunity to take over our new building came our way. Occupying over 6300 sq feet of space we are now able to accommodate more clients each day. We have been able to dedicate over 5000 sq feet of space just for our play area.

When we first viewed our building in Adlington, what is now our play space was open plan. Through experience we knew this would be too large a space and therefore unsafe for the dogs. Having one large space would have meant dogs of all energy levels would have been mixed together. The very energetic dogs would have been able to run at speed and risk injuring themselves or others.

With that in mind we have split the play space into 3 separate areas for the dogs. Each area is separated by a large wall with gated access at each end. We have also clad the entire play area in hygienic, high density PVC. Having 3 separate areas allows us to split the dogs down into more sensible groups each day. We can keep the energetic, ball chasing group together whilst the more reserved dogs can have their own area.

Outside Inside

At Dog Diplomacy we are a WHOLLY indoors Dog Day Care Centre. So we have decided that if we cannot take the dogs outside - we will bring the outside to the dogs.

First and foremost our centre is bathed in natural light thanks to the roof lights and windows, its almost always bright at Dog Day Care.

We have purpose built gazebos within our play areas. Each gazebo is lit and heated, which makes a hot zone during the colder months.

Safe and Stimulating Surroundings

Having built the gazebos we have covered them and their stands with a variety of artificial plants to bring a burst of colour.

Keeping with the theme of bringing the outdoors inside. Your dog will feel like they are in a garden space with all their friends.

Health and Well-being

At Dog Day Care we are always thinking about the well-being of our staff and our dogs. If our staff are happy then the dogs are very happy.

With this in mind we have carefully considered the lighting and heating for the gazebos.

For the lighting we have chosen bulbs that offer a Colour Rendering Index of 90. Using lights at this level have been shown to reduce symptoms of SAD as well as increase energy and mood. These lights offer the positives of midday sun without the negatives of UV rays.


By cladding the walls in PVC we able to ensure a clean environment for your dog. The white PVC immediately shows up marks made by the dogs which means nothing is left to fester. The PVC sheets we have used are normally used in commercial kitchens or medical centres as they are ultra-hygienic.


We have a rigorous cleaning regimen in place. We use industry specific disinfectant throughout the building during the day. WE DO NOT USE BLEACH ANYWHERE ONSITE. Each day any space used by the dogs is swept out. The walls are sprayed top to bottom with disinfectant and they are then wiped down. Finally the floors are mopped.


Within our Dog Day Care you will not find children’s play houses or slides. Instead we use toys dogs do want to play with – tennis balls, chew bones and tunnels. Children’s play toys are made from thin plastic with rough edges and plenty of nooks and crannies to harbour muck and mess which can be difficult to clean effectively. All our tunnels are thick, durable PVC with nowhere for nasties to hide. All tennis balls and bones go through a disinfectant wash at the end of the day.

Time Out

Additional to our 3 large play spaces, we also have a separate room with 5 smaller pens inside along with a small snooze room immediately off area 3 that we use for timeout. These all have plush waterproof beds for the dogs.

There are times when it is necessary to remove a dog from the play area. Puppies need to have a rest to recharge, older dogs may want a break from the lively groups or a dog may become unwell or suffer an injury and needs to be isolated. These areas are also clad in hygienic PVC and if any are used, they are all cleaned at the end of the day.


Whilst fitting the building out to our requirements we also installed 2 air locks from which the 3 play areas are accessed. These ‘air locks’ provide a small safe area from the main groups of dogs. In here we store our mops and buckets and poo bins so that they are safely away from the dogs. These air locks also provide an extra layer of security for your dog. As dogs arrive or leave they are taken from the lobby or the play area into an air lock which is then closed. From here they can join a group or be returned to their lead ready for you to take home.


Being such a large space, keeping the dogs warm in winter could be difficult. Historically large buildings such as this would have used large gas fired space heaters to warm the atmosphere.

This would be wasteful both environmentally and economically; why heat the air 5 metres above ground? Instead we have invested in Far Infrared Heaters. These warm bodies in front of them not the air around them. We have directed heat in the areas the dogs stop to rest.

No Couches

We understand from our many years working in Dog Training that lots of people allow their dogs on to the furniture at home. That choice is everyone’s to make. However, there are also many that do not allow their dog on to the furniture.

At Dog Day Care you will not find any couches in the play spaces for the dogs. If we had these couches then all dogs would learn to sleep on them, play on them and wee on them. This behaviour would then come home with your dog which many would not want. Also, couches are breeding grounds for lots of nasties, not least fleas.

Secure Entry

On entry to our Dog Day Care Centre you are greeted by a secure, coded door and a door bell. Given the size of our building you may have to wait a few moments to be let in with your dog, but this also means no-one else gets in without a member of staff letting them in.

Indoor Toileting

As we are a wholly indoors Dog Day Care Centre we know some people worry about indoor toileting. Firstly, when dogs do toilet, we clean up immediately and disinfect the area, and our mop buckets are changed several times during the day. Secondly, because we have not developed the space to be a homely environment, there is nothing inside to remind them of home such as your sofa. Therefore, your dog distinguishes this as a play environment and not home and will not start toileting indoors at home. Your dog’s association of Day Care will be one of playing and frolicking with their friends.

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